A curator's humour

I was amazed

Happy New Year!

Same same but new:
art to be made, shows to be set up and vinyl to be cut
letters to be written, decisions to be made 

It's all humbug and black and white and more

The Bath Humbug is open!
Artists changing every week

Look changing every week
> worth walking through the Christmas Market

In German as well as in English HUMBUG is a pretty good word
and the colour matching was made for me - meet you there!

Studio visit

Cutting white vinyl
white dove

white paper

Why though?

How many baby buggies can you fit in a theatre?
And why?

Start your day with a yay

Studio snapshots

At the Edge

there are kids who should become depressing stand-up comedians.
My favourite piece of writing this week, even though I read Descartes,
this was overwhelming for some reason.

Casual Sunday Wrestling

Is this performance art?
Watching CSF Wrestling at Komedia on a lazy Sunday does the bit 
of entertainmenet one needs at the end of a long week.

Want to own a bit of it?

At the Edge

Beautiful exhibition on at the Edge right now

This is definetly my favourite piece of the three comissions made for the 
'Parallel (of Life and) Architecture' exhibition